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Find out how to make a good first impression and the standard rules that society expects teens to know as they get older with 31 easy tips to enjoy every day. Teens are in a place between childhood and adulthood and they should know the standard rules for appropriate behavior.


Introducing a Young Lady to Cooking will help young ladies learn how to follow simple recipes in addition to learning much needed tips on manners. Young ladies are introduced to the long-standing tradition of grandmothers, mothers and daughters in the kitchen.


There's truly something for almost everyone in this engaging book. Introducing the Fine Art of Etiquette to Young Ladies and Gentlemen will help young ladies and gentlemen of all ages become familiar with proper etiquette and will allow them to have the good manners their parents and grandparents will be proud of.


Mama’s Lesson on Table Manners: A Refresher Course is an eBook that you will love to read as you will remember what you were taught about table manners.