University of Manners Classes

Our University of Manners online program is a series of character-building classes designed for kids alone. Our classes are aimed at empowering kids by equipping them with the necessary social skills, age-suitable knowledge, and good manners to help them brilliantly manage their daily routine, and conquer any situations with ease.

Table Manners for Adults

If you’re in need of a refresher course you’re in the right place. If you want to learn all about table manners you’re in the right place. If you’re headed somewhere and you don’t want to embarrass yourself, guess what? You’re in the right place! Students will learn how to navigate their way around a standard and formal table setting, how to order wine according to your meal, how to properly use your napkin, how to eat difficult foods, when to excuse yourself from the table and much more. (Individual or Group Classes Available)

Missy Prissy’s Book Club for Girls : A Self Awareness and Social Skills Group for Girls  The focus of this  group is to  empower girls through a collection of books and activities.  The participants should build confidence, self-awareness and communication skills. We will meet once per week in a group setting. Ages 6-13.

Little Professional Diners Class  If you want to introduce your child to table manners this is the right class.Spread out over 3 weeks, this virtual class will help children learn how to navigate a table setting, rules for dining at home, rules for dining in a restaurant, and eating difficult foods. Ages 7 – 12 years.

Summer Tea Party (for all ages)  It’s our Annual Tea Party!This year we are having a Summer Tea Party so get your girlfriends together now, get your big hats (optional) and get ready for a Tea Party that you won’t wanna miss. We will play fun tea party games, eat delicious tea foods, drink hot or cold tea, and have a fun and interactive lesson on Tea Party Etiquette that will prepare you for your next Tea Party. Ticket information coming soon for Summer Tea Party.

Everyday Etiquette  Etiquette is very important in our everyday life. As kids go on with their daily activities they need to be aware of the rules that they should follow to make life easier for themselves and everyone else around them. There’s a correct way to do everything! Your child will become more self-confident when they know the rules and become socially aware of what’s expected of them.It’s better to make them aware of what is socially expected of them before they are publicly embarrassed or find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. Students will learn to shake hands properly, how to properly meet and introduce themselves to others, hold doors open, use polite words, and so much more. 

Instructional Table Manners Lunch for Kids  Children will attend our lunch in semi-formal attire.  We will walk the children through a four course meal with a lesson on proper table manners.

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Conversation Class  Do you have a kid that doesn’t speak up because they’re afraid of saying the wrong thing? Would you like your kid to know how to start a conversation, keep a conversation going or maybe even respond to a question with more than a one word answer? Does your child speak in a low tone? Turn a quiet kid into a confident kid with our conversations class. Our students will practice conversing with others. Students will learn what to say and when to say it and why not say it in this fun very informative class.

Dress to Impress…. Appropriate Attire Class “Fashion Etiquette at Macy’s”  One of our most popular classes!  Join us for an exciting class on appropriate attire.  Find out what to wear and when to wear it.  Also, find out what the hottest fashions and colors will be this year.  Our class includes a special VIP department store tour and lunch that you won’t wanna miss. (Ages 8 and up).  Contact Us to Attend Our Next Class… 

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