Etiquette Coach Michelle Marts-Shannon Recognizes The Need To Pass Down Family Recipes And Strengthen Our Families In New Cookbook

Introducing a Young Lady to Cooking for the Holidays Too: Keeping the Family Legacy Alive starts with an amazing introduction from the author discussing traditions, family and preserving family recipes. Almost everyone has memories of the smell and taste of a favorite food but never thought about asking for the recipe until it’s too late. […]

The Importance Of Etiquette Lessons For Kids

Little girl looking at her cell phone

We often hear of how this new generation of kids lack proper manners and etiquette and while it is often said in an unpleasant way, there is some truth to it. As parents, we have to feed our kids and provide clothing for them too as well as any other needs. However, amongst those other […]

LA Times Festival of Books: Introducing a Young Lady to Cooking

Author Michelle Shannon at LA Times Festival of Books?. A cookbook with simple recipes and manners for today’s young lady. This book includes pages that are available to add your long time family recipes before you give it to the special young lady in your life. Get your copy of “Introducing a Young Lady to […]